What takes place in a leadership development program?  The act of facilitation is taught.  This is where a trainee takes an active role in acquiring the skills in making a learning process easier for everyone who reports to them.  It gives the participant ownership of their own progress and training.  In addition to this is overall fairness of the leader.  It really matters to people how they are treated.  Is there a standard equality within the office, or is it clearly like being in high school where there are cliques and if you don’t fit in, you won’t get involved.

The art of being faithful to the company’s beliefs and goals are essential to the success of your team.  If you practice this, it is sure to be noticed and promoted.  How can you be faithful?  Well, opportunities for us to cheat are present all the time.  If you have a chance to lie on your time card, if you bad mouth upper management because you don’t trust their decisions…all of this comes into play.

Have a passion for the job you are doing.  If you can not be exited and motivating about your job, then the fire you have today, could be smoked out tomorrow if you don’t hold on to why you were so exited about it in the first place.  Many employees lose that spark when they get passed up time and time again for a promotion or fail to take their team performance to a new level.  You should enjoy what you do, if you do not, maybe its time for a change. 

By taking a leadership development program, you can pinpoint what you need to work on.

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