The Importance of Management Training - LeadershipIQ
In management training, the manager learns that he/she has the definitive role of delegating projects, planning goals in accordance to the company’s policies and the overall responsibility of the team.  Performance appraisals are a necessary evil of all management responsibilities and take a large amount of strength and honesty to complete.  After the performance appraisals are complete, it is much more enjoyable to develop your employee’s performance via one-on-one training, challenging assignments and regular constructive feedback.  Keep in mind that as a natural human instinct, as managers, we often choose employees that are “of their own image”.  It takes a manager a bit of training and skill to get over that hurdle!  Can you imagine a company full of employees just like you?  It may sound harmonious to most, but the company would not move forward because everything would remain the same.  Make sense?  Managers who become aware of what types of people work for them, are better equipped to manage their department.  In essence, they can build their team with a variety of personalities that would allow for better problem solving, managing conflict and increased productivity.  All management training styles are effective in reality because of the ever present variety of personalities.

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